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The Power Of Celery

C E L E R Y        J U I C E

There is no surprise that celery juice is the current hype within our health community.
At first, I was quite tentative to start my days with JUST celery. Would I be able to handle the bitterness? The taste? The idea?

Well, this past summer, I started out my mornings by drinking celery juice with a hint of lemon juice for five consecutive days. And let me tell you, as a total green juice guru and lover, it definitely was a different experience.

The first day was quite hard honestly. To slowly sip the 16 oz. of fresh celery/lemon juice was a struggle, and I couldn't wait until I could have some fruit afterwards. 😌

Then, as the days progressed, it became easier and easier for me, and I actually developed a liking to the taste. Especially since I saw the benefits immediately. The first thing I noticed was that my digestion and stomach felt cleansed and healed. For those who personally know me, know that my stomach is very sensitive and I have various com…

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